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    政治 国際 関連語 李明博 竹島 盧武鉉 金正日 North Korea
    • China's PM Sees 'Urgent' Need to Avoid Conflict on Korean Peninsula
      Beijing is trying to defuse tension in the Korean Peninsula following the sinking of a South Korean warship 中国政府は韓国の軍艦の沈没、次の韓半島の緊張を和らげるとしている

    • S. Korean Media: North Korea Aired Unauthorized Recording of World Cup Opener
      Official is quoted as saying South Korean Broadcaster SBS has World Cup broadcasting rights for whole Korean peninsula 公式は、韓国の放送局SBSは韓半島全体のW杯放送権を持って発言として引用される

    • War Games Coincide With Korean War Armistice Anniversary
      Tuesday's live-fire drill took place about east of the Korean peninsula and well south of North Korea's territorial waters 火曜日のライブ消防訓練は、韓半島とも南北朝鮮の領海の東約行われた

    • South Koreans at Rally in Seoul Call for Revenge against North Korea
      Tensions have been rising over past month on Korean peninsula since sinking of South Korean naval vessel 緊張が韓半島で過去1カ月間、韓国海軍韓国船の沈没以来、上昇している

    • S. Korean President Says Deadly Sinking Not Accident
      Warship was patrolling waters west of Korean peninsula when explosion ripped it in half and sunk it, killing 46 sailors 軍艦をパトロール水。韓半島のときに爆発が半分にそれを沈め、46船員を殺し、それをリッピングされた

    • China, Japan, South Korea Hold Summit Amid Korean Peninsula Tensions
      Meeting follows Chinese Premier Wen's visit to Seoul, during which he condemned any act that destroys peace, stability of peninsula 会議ソウルにいる間に彼は、韓半島の安定、平和を破壊する行為を非難した中国の温家宝の訪問を、次の

    • Russia, DPRK to continue consultations on inter-Korean tension
      Diplomats from Russia and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) confirmed their will to go on with consultations searching exit ways from the ongoing crisis on the Korean Peninsula, said the Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday. According to a statement posted on the ministry's website, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexei Borodavkin met the DPRK Ambassador to Russia Kim Yong Jae on Friday at the latter's initiative. They spoke about the dangerous development on the ... ロシアからの外交官や民主人民共和国は、韓国の(北朝鮮)、その意志を韓半島に危機進行中から検索を終了する方法を協議、外出先での確認と発表したロシア外務省の省はウェブサイトによるとするの省文投稿に、ロシア外務次官アレクセイBorodavkinが主導、後者のに会った北朝鮮大。金ロシアで容在金曜日彼らは上での開発について危険話した...

    • S. Korea, U.S. conduct anti-submarine exercises in 3rd day of joint exercises
      &$&$ The Los Angeles-class attack submarine USS Tucson (SSN 770) is underway during the U.S.-South Korea joint naval and air exercise in waters off the east coast of the Korean peninsula, July 26, 2010.(Xinhua/Reuters Photo) South Korea and the United States held anti-submarine drills on Tuesday, the third day of the four- day joint military drills. The two allies condu ... &$&$ロサンゼルス級攻撃潜水艦ツーソンは(原子力潜水艦770)2010年、進行中の韓米26韓国は合同海軍航空、7月、韓半島、運動で沖の海域東海岸の(新華ファイナンス/ロイター写真)韓国と米国は19日、潜水艦訓練を反開き、合同軍事演習日3日目の4

    • Backgrounder: Basic facts about Republic of Korea
      Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao left Beijing on Friday morning for a three-day visit to the Republic of Korea (ROK). The following are some basic facts about the country: The ROK, often referred to as South Korea, lies in the south of the Korean Peninsula. The country has a total area of 99,600 square km and a population of 48.7 million, with Seoul as its capital. The country's official language is Korean. South Korea is a developed country and had one of the world's fastest growing ... 中国の温家宝首相は、金曜日の朝に韓国(韓国の3日間の訪問のための)北京を残しました

    • Senior defense officials voice views on major issues in Asia-Pacific
      Leaders and defense ministers from 28 countries and regions in the Asia-Pacific region voiced their views on major issues in the region during June 4 to 6 at the 9th Asia Security Summit, or Shangri-la Dialogue. China-U.S. relations and Korea Peninsula issue are the major concerns of the leaders and senior military officers. Ma Xiaotian, deputy chief of general staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), reaffirmed that China-U.S. relationship is among one of the most ... アジア太平洋地域のリーダーは、防衛の地。閣僚から28の国と問題が韓半島のと韓米関係、中国ビューを表明した彼らの主要な変動に関する対話問題に地域〜6月4〜6で第9回アジア安全保障サミット、またはシャングリラ...懸念の主要ている指導者や軍幹部

    • S. Korea: Torpedo May Have Sunk Warship
      S. Korean warship Cheonan sank March 26 after an explosion split it in half along maritime border west of Korean peninsula 米韓国軍。天は26日の爆発後に沈没した半分に韓半島の海上境界線の西に沿って分割

    • US Welcomes Chinese Dialogue with North Korea on Nuclear Issue
      N. Korea's envoy on nuclear talks in Beijing, a day after Kim Jong Il reportedly said he wants nuclear free Korean peninsula 北朝鮮、北京で6者協議の特使は、一日後、金正日総書記の容疑核兵器のない韓国の韓半島望んでいる


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