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    音楽 関連語 Radiohead グランジ カート・コバーン
    • Mike Starr obituary
      Alice in Chains bass player at the heart of Seattle's grunge-rock soundstandfirst here and here and hereand here and hereThe American rock musician Mike Starr, who has been found dead aged 44, achieved international success as the bass player for Alice in Chains. Formed in Seattle in 1987, the band came to be regarded by many as second only to Nirvana when grunge rock became popular in the early 1990s.Starr, who was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, had previously played with the guitarist Jerry Cantrell and the drummer Sean Kinney in a group called Diamond Lie. Shortly after being joined by the vocalist Layne Staley, they renamed themselves Alice in Chains and developed a sound that mixed huge, Black Sabbath-flavoured riffs with the aggression and nihilistic angst of punk.Alice in Chains quickly won a loyal following around Seattle and Washington state. Cantrell's expressive guitar textures meshed well with Staley's weary vocals while Starr and Kinney locked down huge, rolling rhythms. A local promoter, Randy Hauser, was so impressed by the band that he financed a recording demo and passed it on to Susan Silver, the manager of another emerging Seattle group, Soundgarden.With Silver as their manager, the band signed to Columbia Records and released an EP, We Die Young, in July 1990, attracting a strong response from US rock radio. A month later, the group's debut album, Facelift, was released to a positive critical response but modest initial sales.Seattle was becoming known for a popular new American rock sound dubbed grunge, which blurred the boundaries between heavy metal and hardcore punk and eschewed the posturing that had rendered the Los Angeles rock scene a cartoon. By mid-1991, the band's single Man in the Box was on heavy rotation on MTV and Facelift had sold close to アリスインチェインズはこことここ、シアトルのグランジロックsoundstandfirstの中心にベーシストここhereand、44歳死体で発見されているアメリカのロックミュージシャンて、Mike Starrを、アリスインチェインズのベーシストとして実現国際的な成功hereThe

    • No.136 MOTHER GOOSE/RED RIMIT(1990)
      【title】 タイトル:red rimit 【artist】 アーティスト:mother goose 【release】 発表:1990年 【label】 レーベル:skin pop (from japan) 80年代末から90年初頭、トランス系のポジパン勢などと一緒に活躍した mother goose(マザー・グース) 唯一のアルバムです

    • Volcano travel chaos fails to dampen spirits at Coachella
      Gorillaz and Thom Yorke closed California's Coachella festival though some stranded British acts were unable to appearGorillaz and Thom Yorke brought California's Coachella festival to a close last night, despite travel chaos caused by the cloud of volcanic ash.The festival, which takes place in Indio, saw British bands including The Cribs, Frightened Rabbit and Bad Lieutenant forced to pull their sets after they were grounded in the UK. However, the majority of the British contingent on the bill were already in the US when the crisis hit on Thursday.Damon Albarn's Gorillaz closed the three-day festival with the premier of the live show for new album Plastic Beach, with a house band featuring former Clash members Mick Jones and Paul Simonon.The other big highlight for the festival's final day came with the comeback show from cult 1990s rockers Pavement.On the Saturday night, Muse kept the British flag flying as they enjoyed their biggest Stateside hit to date with fifth album The Resistance. Wearing giant blue sunglasses, Matt Bellamy led his band through a typically dramatic set that incorporated elements of The Star-Spangled Banner and Nirvana's School. Meanwhile, Faith No More's show saw a red-suited Mike Patton attempt to crowd-surf as his band covered the Michael Jackson classic Ben.Coachella also proved a weekend rich with returns. Jack White brought out Dead Weather to launch new album Sea Of Cowards and Friday saw James Murphy's LCD Soundsystem play their first major show out of New York on the back of third and final album This Is Happening.And New York proved to be a theme with two contrasting tributes to the city becoming theme songs of Friday night – LCD's New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down and headliner Jay-。's Empire State of Mind. It was, of いくつかの本イギリスの行為はappearGorillazとトムヨークに近い最後の夜に、カリフォルニア州のコーチェラフェスティバルをもたらしたことができませんでしたがゴリラズとトムヨーク、旅行混乱インディオで行われる火山ash.The祭の雲によって引き起こさにもかかわらず、カリフォルニア州のコーチェラフェスティバルを閉じるベビーベッド、怖がってウサギと悪い中尉を含む英国のバンドが彼らは英国で接地された後、そのセットを引っ張って強制的に見た


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