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    • James Graham to replace
      james graham to replace adrian morley as england captain for four nations

    • New England captain
      new england captain james graham backed by his team-mates to thrive in the role the 25-year-old st helens prop was chosen by head coach steve mcnamara and his england backroom staff to help fill the void created by the absence of both jamie peacock and his successor adrian morley. although he does not captain his club, the 2008 man of steel has demonstrated his inspirational qualities at both domestic and international level and is a popular choice among his england front-row colleagues. “it’s been a bit surreal,” huddersfield’s eorl crabtree said. “moz was a massive inspiration but jammer is probably the future. it’s fantastic that he’s got the opportunity and we’re all very confident in him. he’s a great player and a great leader.” warrington’s gareth carvell, the latest addition to the england squad who went into camp on tuesday after completing a marathon 33-hour journey from manchester, immediately gave his backing to the new captain. “he wears his heart on his sleeve,” carvell said. “i think it will bring the best out in him. after losing both jp and moz, we needed someone to stand up and he’s going to step up to the mark.” graham kept a low profile at training and, after already warning his team-mates not to expect any big speeches, like peacock and morley he will be happy to let his actions on the pitch speak for themselves.il n'ya qu'un seul endroit pour acheter votre carte r4, r4carte.fr offre une gamme impressionnante drew brees jerseys . “he’ll be the first coming off the line when you know you’re going to get bashed,” crabtree added. “he does his talking on the field. cheap hockey jerseys , oem, replacement parts--you see these words in almost all auto parts stores online. what do these terms mean?” after being rested for last saturday’s 18-18 draw with new zealand maori in auckland, graham will be an automatic replacement in the starting line-up for morley, who has been ruled out of the entire four nations tournament with a ruptured bicep and was due to return home on tuesday for surgery. that will leave carvell fighting it out with crabtree, darrell griffin and stuart fielden for the other three front-row places in the 17, although sam burgess, ben westwood and ben harrison are all used to switching between back row and prop for their clubs. crabtree looks to be in pole position for a spot on the bench on saturday after making a big impact against the maori, but he is not taking anything for granted. “i was quite happy with my display but there are still a lot more things i’m working on,” he said. “i’m trying to push for selection for the first test. i hope i did enough but you never know. “on saturday we were still getting used to how it is over here. it was a very physical game. we’d only trained twice together and i think it showed in the second half. “i’m loving it so far. it’s been nice to get over the jet lag. i’m making the most of it.” half-back sam tomkins, whose value to the england attack is immeasurable, sat out training on tuesday as he protects the pelvic injury he sustained in saturday’s warm-up match. but mcnamara is optimistic that the wigan playmaker will prove his fitness at a full training session on wednesday. “sam did some work with the medical staff,” mcnamara said. “he’s not 100 per cent right at this moment in time but there is a good chance he’ll join in full practice tomorrow. “so we’re very hopeful he’ll make a quick recovery and i’d be very surprised if he didn’t make the game at the weekend.” australian tony archer has been appointed as referee for saturday’s game at the westpac stadium, where pre-match ticket sales have topped an encouraging 16,000, raising hopes of a 20,000 crowd. shane rehm, of new zealand, will be in charge of australia’s match against papua new guinea at parramatta stadium in sydney on sunday. england’s james child will be one of the touch judges. richard silverwood, the rfl’s representative on the refereeing panel,is a virtual home plate strike zone more land within baseball jerseys the definition of the strike must be counted as hitting a ball when not rectangular area. is reserve for the game in sydney and likely to take charge of the australia-new zealand clash in auckland on nov 6.

    • A flight of September 19
      put japanese in the footline.(再下段に日本語を置きました

    • Wide Receiver Competition Still Needs Clarity
      redskins threw 33 passes and completed 18 of his season debut. they targeted 14 different players made 11 catches.the innovative design of drew brees jersey help it gained dominant position in the jewelry industry. interestingly, only five of them were from that group of numbers-heavy receivers.devin thomas, bobby wade, terrence austin, anthony armstrong and williams combined for 10 games roydell. how each is used depends on more factors than statistics.williams elementary than ever to play in seven seasons in the nfl on special teams, and is recovered a fumble.

    • NFL Sports Jerseys
      nfl sports jerseys


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