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    • Stalling reforms, EU gridlock are deja vu for Greece
      ATHENS - AN ECONOMY in deep trouble, European pressure for quicker reforms and domestic politicians at each others' throats: it's deja vu for Greece which needs a new lifeline after nearly hitting the rocks last year. And yet, the situation could actually be worse this time round. アテネ - 深い問題の経済、互いの喉に迅速に改革と国内政治のためのヨーロッパ圧力:ギリシャのためにそれをデジャヴ後にはほぼ昨年の岩を打つ新しいライフラインをする必要があります

    • Entrepreneurial Empowerment for South Korea's Disenfranchised
      Credit programs and other efforts by some of the chaebol, South Korea's mammoth family-controlled corporations, are providing a lifeline to entrepreneurs with hardscrabble backgrounds. クレジットカードでのプログラムや財閥、韓国の巨大な家族制。企業のいくつかの他の努力は不毛の背景を持つ起業家のライフラインを提供しています

    • Gaddafi's forces bombard Misrata port
      Libyan government forces are continuing to bombard the port of Misrata, in a relentless assault on the sole lifeline of a battered population that has been under siege for the past two months.While forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi... リビア政府軍は、過去2 months.While軍Muammarのカダフィに忠実に包囲されているボロボロの人口の唯一のライフラインの容赦ない攻撃で、Misrataのポートを砲撃し続けている...

    • Greeks March Against More Budget Cuts, Privatization
      Protesters say selling off state-run companies will drive up costs and cut off a needed lifeline for many Greeks デモ隊がコストを押し上げされ、多くのギリシア人に必要なライフラインを遮断する国営企業の売却と言う

    • The 20th anniversary of India's Lifeline Express - in pictures
      The Lifeline Express, the world's first hospital train, travels deep into rural India to bring free healthcare to the neglected poor. It was meant to be a temporary measure, but the shortcomings in India's public health system have dictated otherwise ライフラインエクスプレス、世界初の病院の列車は、無視貧しい人々に無料の医療を実現するためにインドの農村に深く伝わる

    • Saab's future clouded by tough EIB terms
      Saab said on Saturday it was uncertain when it would be able to restart production after the European Investment Bank (EIB) set tough conditions on a deal aimed at giving the Swedish carmaker a cash lifeline. サーブは、欧州投資銀行は、(EIB)はスウェーデンの自動車メーカーに現金のライフラインを与えることを目的とした取引に厳しい条件を設定した後は、生産を再起動することができるだろうが不明であった土曜日を明らかにした

    • Buying A Bankrupt Baseball Team Is A Good Investment
      Never before in the modern baseball era have so many teams been in financial distress. During the past two years the Chicago Cubs, Texas Rangers and most recently, Los Angeles Dodgers, have all had seats in bankruptcy court. The New York Mets are hoping a lifeline from hedge fund manager David Einhorn will allow them to keep the lights on at Citi Field. これまでにない現代の野球の時代に非常に多くのチームが財政難にされている

    • Saab says output start up uncertain after EIB sets tough terms
      STOCKHOLM - SAAB said on Saturday it was uncertain when it would be able to restart production after the European Investment Bank (EIB) set tough conditions on a deal aimed at giving the Swedish car maker a cash lifeline. Saab, where output has been stopped for more than two weeks after it failed to pay suppliers' bills due to a cash crunch, had been hoping the EIB would go along with a deal for a liquidity injection after the Swedish state backed the agreement last week. ストックホルム - サーブは、欧州投資銀行は、(EIB)はスウェーデンの自動車メーカーに現金のライフラインを与えることを目的とした取引に厳しい条件を設定した後は、生産を再開できるようになる時に不明であった土曜日を明らかにした

    • Europe throws Greece a lifeline but warns banks on losses
      BRUSSELS (AFP) - Europe threw Greece a short-term cash lifeline on Friday, but warned banks they may have no choice but to accept big losses on existing Greek debt, diplomatic sources said. ブリュッセル(AFP) - ヨーロッパではギリシャの金曜日に短期的な現金のライフラインを投げたが、彼らは選択肢がないかもしれませんが、既存のギリシャの債務に大きな損失を受け入れるために、銀行を警告、外交筋によると

    • Greece courts Sarkozy after German bail-out win
      Greece's Prime Minister George Papandreou brought his campaign to save his economy to Paris on Friday as nervous markets turned their attention to a key international audit of Greek finances.The Greek premier was to hold talks with France's President Nicolas Sarkozy, a day after German lawmakers threw the ailing eurozone a lifeline by agreeing to boost the bloc's 440-billion-euro ($590-billion) bail-out fund. 神経質な市場がギリシャ語finances.Theギリシャ有数の主要な国際的な監査に目を回したようにギリシャの首相ジョージパパンは、ドイツの議員が投げた後に一日、フランスのサルコジ大統領との会談を開催することだった金曜日にパリに彼の経済を救うために彼のキャンペーンをもたらした圏の440億ユーロ($ 590 -億ドル)救済基金を高める同意することで、病んでいるユーロ圏のライフライン


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