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    • Video: Great Barrier Reef oil spill: 'The next two days are critical'
      Australia's environment minister, Peter Garrett, talks about the salvage operation as crews begin emptying the fuel tanks of a Chinese coal carrier stranded on the reef オーストラリアの環境大臣は、ピーターギャレット、救助の操作についての協議員は、中国の石炭キャリアサンゴ礁で座礁の燃料タンクを空に開始すると

    • Germany, Mexico co-host high-level climate dialogue
      With a view to reviving global climate talks, Germany and Mexico co-hosted a three-day ministerial-level meeting of 45 nations in Bonn on Sunday, calling on nations to flesh out common grounds before the next UN summit in Cancun. The Petersberg Climate Dialogue, named after the meeting place of Petersberg Hotel, Germany's former government guesthouse in Bonn, invited environment ministers or high-level representatives from some 45 countries, including China, the United States, India and South ... ビューとカンクン内の次の国連サミットにレベルの会議を45に国を肉付け共通の理由を呼び出す前2009年にボンで国復。閣僚日。気候協議を、3つの共同ホストされて、メキシコと

    • Malaysia's rescued baby pygmy elephant dies
      An endangered pygmy elephant calf that was rescued on Borneo island early this month has died, a minister said Sunday.Masidi Manjun, eastern Sabah-state tourism, culture and environment minister said the two-year-old female calf died from severe internal bleeding.On June 4, the wildlife rescue unit saved the highly dehydrated pygmy elephant from a moat at an oil palm estate. She was one of two calves found starving in Sabah. 今月初めには、死亡したボルネオ島で救助された絶滅危惧ピグミー象の子牛は、大臣はSunday.Masidi Manjunは、東部サバ状態観光、文化、環境大臣が2歳の女性子牛は重度の内出血で死亡したと答えた

    • Offsets for sensitive land
      Developers will be able to bulldoze environmentally sensitive land in Sydney if they pay to protect equivalent land elsewhere under a scheme that puts a dollar value on animals and plants.New South Wales Environment Minister Frank... 彼らは他の動物とplants.Newにドルの価値を置く方式の下で同等の土地を保護するために支払えば開発者は、シドニーの環境に敏感な土地を整地することができるサウスウェールズ州環境大臣フランク...

    • 11 Indian tigers killed since beginning of 2010
      At least 11 Indian tigers have died since the beginning of this year, making the Indian tiger total figures below the official figure of 1,411, the Indian newspaper the Times of India reported on Tuesday. Five tigers were killed in the reserves of the related states, while the other six dead in some states' forests, Indian Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said on Monday, the paper reported. Among the 5 deaths in the reserves, two each were killed because of the infighting in the northwes ... 少なくとも11日、インドのトラは今年の初め以来、1411の公式下の図の合計の数字は、タイムズオブインディア紙の30日、インドの新聞報告されたインドのトラの意思が死亡した

    • Tussle over forests shows India's growth dilemma
      Environment minister Jairam Ramesh is resisting pressure from some Cabinet colleagues to clear forests for mining and roads in a tussle that underlines the country's struggle for sustainable growth. 環境大臣ジャイラムラメシュは、鉱業や道路の明確な森林への持続的成長のための国の闘争を強調して闘争のいくつかの内閣の同僚からの圧力に抵抗している

    • Progress at climate meet
      The highest octane political gathering on climate since the Copenhagen summit collapsed into near failure has helped restore trust but delivered no big breakthroughs, environment ministers said Tuesday. コペンハーゲン首脳会談以降の気候で最高のオクタン政治集会が近くの障害に信頼を回復ない大きなブレークスルーを提供役立っている崩壊、環境大臣が明らかにした

    • Nigeria Says Weekend Chlorine Gas Leak Under Control
      Rotimi Ajayi, media manager to the environment minister says the leak occurred when a welder tried to cut a gas cylinder into pieces Rotimi Ajayiは、環境大臣にメディアマネージャリークが溶接機は粉々にガスボンベを削減しようとしたが発生意見

    • South African tourism minister nominated for top UN climate job
      Marthinus van Schalkwyk is a candidate to take over from United Nations climate chief Yvo de Boer, who announced his resignation last monthThe South African president's office today announced the nomination of its tourism minister for the United Nations' top climate post.The office said Marthinus van Schalkwyk is a candidate to lead the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The current post holder, Yvo de Boer, announced his resignation in February and will step down on 1 July to take up a post with consultancy firm KPMG.Van Schalkwyk was South Africa's former minister for environmental affairs and tourism until May 2009, when the ministry was split. He succeeded former South African president FW de Klerk as leader of the National party in 1997 and presided over its dissolution and merger with the ruling African National Congress in 2005.De Boer and others have stated that a binding global deal to tackle climate change will not be reached this year at the main annual UNFCCC event in December. That elevates the importance of the 2011 meeting, which will be held in South Africa, perhaps boosting van Schalkwyk's chances.But there will be other candidates. Reports from India suggest that the environment minister, Jairam Ramesh, is supporting the candidacy of environment secretary, Vijai Sharma, who is also said to have the support of China. Alongside Brazil, India, China and South Africa - also known as the Basic group of nations - were seen to be the key drivers behind the Copenhagen accord, the weak agreement that emerged from the last UN climate summit in December.The appointment is made by the UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-Moon, from a private shortlist, which he discusses with representatives from around the world.Climate changeYvo de BoerUnited NationsDam MarthinusヴァンSchalkwyk国連気候変動室長のYvo de Boer氏は今日の彼の辞任を更新monthThe南アフリカ共和国大統領府の発表から引き継ぐように候補者は、国連の先頭気候post.The小規模オフィス向けの観光大臣の任命が発表さMarthinusファンだSchalkwykは、国連気候変動枠組み条約(UNFCCCの上をリードする候補者)です


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