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    • 本日の感染症学会教育講演(文献)
      emea reports

    • How to Win Friends & Influence People #148
      instead of condemning people, let's try to understand them. let's try to figure out why they do what they do. that's a lot more profitable and intriguing than criticizm; and it breeds sympathy, tolerance and kindness. to know all is to forgive all. as dr. shonson said: god himself, sir does not propose to judge man until the end of his days. why should you and i? principle 1 don't criticize, condemn or complain. ■単語チェック intriguing 興味をそそる breed 生む sympathy 同情 ■訳出のポイント breedは犬のブリーダーなどでなじみのある単語ですね

    • ディプロマティックプロトコール
      in international politics , protocol is the etiquette of diplomacy and affairs of state . a protocol is a rule which guides how an activity should be performed, especially in the field of diplomacy. in diplomatic services and governmental fields of endeavor protocols are often unwritten guidelines. protocols specify the proper and generally-accepted behavior in matters of state and diplomacy, such as showing appropriate respect to a head of state, ranking diplomats in chronological order of their accreditation at court, and so on. one definition is:

    • hertz rent a car ireland 5/01/2010Jordan. Traditions, rules of conduct. Or with its charter in
      hertz rent a car ireland 5/03/2010 jordan. traditions, rules of conduct. or with its charter in another monastery to begin to address the issue separately, which is set by potential tourists with varying frequency, but rather a regular basis: whether in jordan beaches for nudists, and whether there sunbathing topless. the answer to both questions is unambiguous and the same: no. the country is fairly conservative, and if, say, in egypt in the special reserve for foreigners in recent years have become a blind eye (literally and figuratively) in the absence of some details of the bathing suit for a rest, then in jordan, with its small number of hotels and small beaches naked foreigners too visible. and in a country where the t-shirt without sleeves or a skirt above her knees by the local population is already perceived as too bold, no one much less two parts leotard - indecency terrible naked oleg kulik, depicting a dog and bites visitors. in general, do not try to shock the hospitable jordanians. moreover, not a fact that they do not offer you in gratitude for the show to feel the all the hospitality the nearest police station. generally, in jordan, despite the existence of a beachfront hotel, you should not dress as many can afford to dress in the already everything tolerant and worldly-wise hurghada. even though red sea city of aqaba and the seaside, but fairly conservative and pretend to be the business center . let the very young but very dynamic . there are a lot of transit passengers from the villages, which have never seen men in shorts and women in sarafans. people go about their business in egypt and saudi arabia. or in general - on a pilgrimage to mecca to medina. and there to meet someone not quite in the understanding of a pilgrim dressed. shock. fall. closed fracture ... and then you live with it. in eternal memory of that inadvertently caused someone moral and physical suffering. in general, going from hotel to town, let alone on a trip to a place far from the beach , wear t-shirts-shirts with covered shoulders and skirts or pants long , at least to the knee. and the sun protected - not obgorite, and the subject of close scrutiny for anyone not going. separate topic - alcohol. especially during the muslim fasting, which in different years at different times, shifting closer to the beginning of the calendar year , counterclockwise. at this time, is considered impolite to eat, drink or smoke in public during daylight hours. for around did not drink, do not eat or smoke until the evening. no one is forcing tourists to go hungry (though what little neturisticheskie cafes and restaurants are ready at this time to feed the pilgrims wandered lunch), but there in front of hungry people still quite inhuman. eat in special restaurants for tourists in hotels and close to attractions. and all will be fine. but to drink alcohol, especially during the day - misconduct in terms of fasting person is much more serious than failure to comply with a special diet during lent. beat, if unyuhayut will not be, but bad about you might think. therefore, even if they drank, the more or less well masked. to create a pleasant surrounding for your impressions. in principle, to buy alcohol in jordan is not a problem. especially in aqaba. even during the fast . if you need a will - and find no problems. but always carefully learns when buying a beer: it is not always contain alcohol. material kindly provided by channel:

    • メラトニン、月経、およびお月さま(1)
      herbalist rosemary gladstar writes that all the fluid energy of the earth responds to the moon cycles and advises her amenorrheic patients to pay attention to the lunar cycle as an adjunct to herbal therapy to regulate menstruation. (1) although it is clear that the menstrual cycle lasts more or less as long as the lunar cycle, the reason why such a relationship should exist is not so obvious.


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