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    • Video | British Pathé archive: Edith Cavell's body returns to Dover
      22 October 1915: Edith Cavell was a British nurse and spy who worked in German-occupied Belgium during the first world war until she was caught and executed by firing squad. A state funeral was held at Westminster Abbey, and Cavell's statue now stands in St Martin's Place, next to Trafalgar Square in London 10月22日、1915年:エディスキャベルイギリスの看護婦、スパイ、彼女がキャッチされるまで、銃殺によって実行される第一次世界大戦中にドイツ占領下のベルギーで働いていた

    • Politics Weekly: Ed Balls on the Labour leadership race
      Ed Balls is our special guest in the studio this week. With David Cameron being given the red-carpet treatment in Washington, the shadow education secretary and Labour leadership candidate joins Guardian columnist Martin Kettle for a discussion of Britain's relations with the United States.They discuss Barack Obama's mid-term election predicament and the wisdom of the Scottish Executive's decision to release the Lockerbie bomber on compassionate grounds.And in a wide-ranging interiview Balls addresses the deficit, his wife Yvette Cooper's ambitions, and his beginnings in the Labour party helping deliver leaflets to elect Harold Wilson. He tells us that his support comes from both wings of his party and that his label as a 'divisive' politician is not deserved.Leave your comments below - and give us your questions for next week's guest: Diane Abbott.Tom ClarkAllegra StrattonMartin KettleEd BallsPhil Maynard エドボールは、スタジオでスペシャルゲストは今週です

    • Risør chamber music festival – review
      Wigmore Hall, LondonEvery summer for 20 years, the pianist Leif Ove Andsnes and violinist Lars Anders Tomter have invited musician friends to join them in a small harbour town in Norway for a busman's holiday. Now, with Andsnes about to step down as director, they have taken the 2010 lineup on tour.Their four-concert Wigmore Hall residency was a mini-festival in its own right. On Sunday, from the two-handed Debussy's Cello Sonata that opened the morning to the closing performance of Honegger's searing Second Symphony, played by a conductorless 22-piece string orchestra, the playing glowed with an easy intimacy. Or – in the case of Andsnes and Marc-André Hamelin's exhilarating crash through the two-piano version of The Rite of Spring that Stravinsky made for the Ballet Russes – crackled with gung-ho virtuosity.Several of the highlights showcased Swedish clarinettist Martin Fröst, whose playing was nothing short of revelatory. Mesmerising in Berg's Four Pieces (Op 5), his constantly inventive eloquence made Mozart's familiar Clarinet Quintet seem quite new.Two works were written especially for Risør. Bent 。ørensen's Schattenlinie brought together Fröst, Andsnes and Tomter for five fragile, beautiful miniatures in which the sonorities of the clarinet, piano and viola were delicately merged, every note carefully chosen.The centrepiece of the evening was Rolf Wallin's Under City Skies, a half-hour work for viola, strings and surround-sound in which Tomter's viola solos and the propulsive orchestral rhythms emerged from disembodied city sounds, mythologising the mundane: high heels clacking on pavement, town hall bells, chirping sparrows, a car ignition. The viola soars but always returns to earth; the work might be a Lark Descending or, Wallin suggests, a grimy fli ウィグモアホールでは、20年LondonEveryの夏には、ピアニストのレイフオヴェアンスネス、バイオリニストラースアンダースTomterは、バスの乗務員の休日のため、ノルウェーの小さな港町で、それらに参加するミュージシャンの友人を招いている

    • Colombian drug lord caught in Venezuela
      A Colombian drug lord was arrested in a joint operation by Colombian and Venezuelan police on Friday. At a press conference in Margarita Island, Venezuela, Colombian Defense Minister Rodrigo Rivera said in coordination with the Venezuelan authorities, the Colombian police captured Alberto Marin Zamora alias 'Beto Martin,' who was wanted by the United States. The U.S. government had offered up to 5 million U.S. dollars for information leading to his capture, he said, adding the police have ... コロンビア麻薬王は、金曜日に逮捕さで警察にコロンビアとベネズエラの操作の共同


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