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    • Should organ donors' funeral expenses be met by the NHS?
      A report from the Nuffield Council on Bioethics suggests that the NHS should pay for the funerals of organ donors to boost the number of organs available for transplant operations. Do you agree? 生命倫理上のナフィールド評議会からの報告書は、NHSは、移植手術のための利用可能な臓器の数を増やすために臓器提供者の葬式を支払う必要があることを示唆している

    • Benedict off organ donor list, says Vatican
      Benedict XVI has tried to scotch rumours that he carries an organ donor card, instructing his secretary to reveal that his ascension to the position of Holy Father means he can no longer bequeath his body parts to lesser mortals.Monsignor... ベネディクト16世は、彼が教皇の位置に彼の昇天を意味することを明らかにするために彼の秘書を指示する、臓器提供意思表示カードを運ぶことがスコッチの噂しようとしている彼はもはや低いmortals.Monsignorに彼の身体の部分遺す...

    • Few organ donors were registered pre-death
      JUST 30 per cent of Australian organ donors formally expressed their willingness on the national register before they died, figures reveal. 彼らが死亡する直前には30オーストラリア臓器提供者のパーセント正式に国家登録簿に意欲を表明して、数字が明らかになった

    • Organs for sale?
      Medical experts have suggested rewards for organ donors, such as an expenses-paid funeral, or souvenir mugs and t-shirts. Should donors be materially rewarded? 医療の専門家は費用賃金の葬儀、またはお土産マグカップやTシャツなどの臓器提供者のための報酬を示唆している

    • MILF announces new panel for peace talks
      Philippine rebel group of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) announced Monday formation of its new five-man panel for peace talks with the government as the talks may resume anytime this month. The group's central committee retained Mohagher Iqbal as its chief negotiator. The new face in the group is Prof. Abhoud Syed Lingga, chairman of the Institute of Bangsamoro Studies, said Mohammad Ameen, the group's chief secretariat. Also named to the panel, although as alternate memb ... 新5の(熟女)を発表しました月曜日の形成を毎月いつでもこの再開政府として交渉は可能性がありますとの和平交渉のマニュアルパネルフロントフィリピン反政府勢力解放イスラムモログループが

    • Jobs fully operational a year after transplant
      Apple's Steve Jobs, a year after getting a liver transplant that saved his life, is back at work full tilt, overseeing product development, leading a campaign against Adobe Systems' Flash and endorsing a California law that promotes organ donations. アップル社のスティーブジョブズCEOは、彼の命を救った肝移植を取得後1年、職場復帰フル傾き、製品開発を統括、Adobe Systems社のフラッシュへの反対運動をリードし臓器提供を推進してカリフォルニア州の法律を支持している

    • Surgeons arrested in Ukraine for selling transplant organs
      Donors were recruited and paid up to $10,000 for their kidneys and other organsUkraine's interior ministry says four surgeons and four others have been arrested for taking part in a scheme to recruit organ donors from former Soviet countries and transplant the organs into wealthy foreigners.The head of the ministry's department on human trafficking, Yuriy Kucher, says the scheme was headed by an Israeli who was arrested last month.Kucher said yesterday that they sought mostly kidneys from people in Ukraine and other countries. Most of those who sold their organs for up to $10,000 (£6,300) were impoverished young women.Surgeries were performed in Kiev, Azerbaijan and Ecuador, Kucher said. The surgeries cost up to $200,000 apiece.Those arrested have been charged with human trafficking and face up to 15 years in prison if convicted.UkraineHuman traffickingOrgan donationguardian.co.uk © Guardian News & Media Limited 2010 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds ドナーは採用され、$ 10,000への腎臓やその他のorgansUkraineの内務省の上で支払われる方式で募。臓器提供者に旧ソ連の国々から参加し、裕福なforeigners.The頭のに臓器を移植するために逮捕されている4つの外科医と他の4人を言う人身売買、ユーリクチャーの部の部門では、スキームが最後の人month.Kucher逮捕されたイスラエルで言った向かっていたによれば、彼らは主にウクライナおよびその他の国の人々から腎臓を求めた昨日

    • From Israel, a radical way to boost organ donation
      Israel is launching a potentially trailblazing experiment in organ donation: Sign a donor card, and you and your family move up in line for a transplant if one is needed.The new law is the first of its kind in the world, and international... イスラエルの臓器提供の可能性のある先駆的な試みを開始されます:ドナーカード5532-7042、もし1つの新たな法律needed.Theされ、あなたとあなたの家族の行に、移植用の上に移動世界で初めて、国際..です


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