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    映画 芸能 エンタメ 音楽 関連語 マイケル・ジャクソン michael jackson マイコー ロンドン公演
    • 会見ビデオは却下
      ■ video banned from courtroom (26-9-2011) jurors in the involuntary manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray, which gets underway tuesday morning, will not be viewing the video of micheal jackson announcing his this is it concert series three months before he died, a judge ruled today. attorneys for the prosecution and defense met today with superior court judge michael pastor to discuss pending motions before the trial gets underway. murray's lawyers unsuccessfully lobbied to use the video of jackson's press conference given in march 2009 to announce his this is it tour as evidence in the case. attorney nareg gourjian argued that the video showed jackson under a lot of pressure and hung over. the defense wanted to use the footage to argue that jackson was not physically fit and that he had agreed to 10 shows, not 50. however, judge pastor banned the video saying the footage was not relevant to jackson's death. pastor also denied a motion by the prosecution to enter evidence that law enforcement tried four times to get a follow-up interview with murray but to no avail. the prosecution will likely argue that murray was uncooperative with investigators. legal experts also believe prosecutors will attack murray for having waited to report to police that he had given jackson propofol. the prosecution is basically going to say that this was entirely reckless conduct, that he should never have been giving michael jackson propofol [and] never should have walked out of the room for as long as he did, said dan abrams, abc news' legal analyst. source: mjfc / abcnews.go.com

    • 「This Is It」の「スリラー」はショーストッパー
      ■michael jackson's 'thriller' showstopper in 'this is it' (20-1-2010) michael jackson's 'this is it' concert was designed to thrill in every sense imaginable, from the costumes and set design to the lighting, special effects and, of course, the grammy-winning music. coming to dvd and blu-ray january 26, et has a look behind the scenes of 'this is it' with the late king of pop -- and the 3d thriller spectacular planned for the london concerts! speaking about the plans, kenny ortega said: michael was a big fan of 3d and of classic horror films, and in appreciation of that, he thought it would be fun to do a 3d 'thriller'. 18,000 people a night were going to put on their 3d glasses and have a three-dimensional 'thriller' experience. he was in charge, like an old-fashioned entertainer, continues ortega. technology didn't run the show, michael ran the show, and when he stopped, you watched and you held your breath, and that's what made michael jackson michael jackson on stage, and why he was different than anyone else that you went to see in concert. click here to watch a video clip. source: mjfc / et

    • ????????
      −オマケ− michael jackson's this is it - they don't care about us - dancing inmates(cpdrc) (2010バージョン見っけ) thriller (cpdrc) (有名なプロト版)

    • エステートの弁護士たち、報酬を求める
      ■lawyers request percentage of profit attorney john branca and music executive john mcclain have filed a motion requesting the court approve a compensation of 10 percent of the profits that they will generate from michael jackson's work. the two, who are responsible for administrating michael's estate are requesting payment for a variety of services that they will be providing. the filing excludes profifits from this is it and michael's interest in the sony/atv music catalog as well as michael's own songs. it is not exactly clear how much branca and mcclain would be making as an accounting of the estate has not yet been filed. they are seeking to become co-executives and creative directors of a company that would be overseeing a business based on michael's work. michael's estate has been estimated to be around $500 million, but michael had significant debts and the estate is facing a number of creditor's claims and lawsuits. the business interests that would be excluded under the plan are actually some of michael's most significant money-makers, like the sony-atv catalog that holds the rights to music of the beatles, elvis, bob dylan and others. they are also not including the interest in michael's music that has seen brisk business since his passing. john branca was michael's longtime entertainment attorney and would continue on in that capacity under the arrangement that was laid out in friday's filing. john mcclain, childhood friend and music executive, would agree to create new albums based on michael's vast collection of unreleased music at a studio that he co-founded with the late marvin gaye. the two men were hand-picked by michael to control his estate in a will dated 2002 and have controlled its interest since early in july. the court filing states other high-profile musician's estates have employed advisers who have received as much as 15 to 25 percent of profits following the death of the musician. branca and mcclain are also opposing a bid by michael's father, joseph, to receive more than $15,000 a month from michael's estate. in a motion that was filed in court on thursday, branca and mcclain state that mr. jackson has failed to prove that he is due the money from the estate. the filings also note that michael omitted his father as a beneficiary and that any money paid out to mr. jackson would reduce the estate's assets that are available for katherine jackson and michael's three children. michael's mother, katherine, his children and various unnamed charities are the only beneficiaries of michael's estate. michael's mother and his children receive more than $86,000 per month and the administrators recently moved to increase the monthly stipends. the exact amount has not been released. brian oxman, attorney for joe jackson, said that the opposition filing means that now the issue will need to go through lengthy proceedings. it's a pretty difficult thing to go through, oxman said. michael took care of [joe] most of his life. oxman said that he will need to prove to the judge that michael supported his father. i was present when michael would take care of his father, oxman said. i saw it happen. lots of people saw it happen. mr. jackson filed for the monthly allowance back in november, saying that he had little income and had relied on michael's assistance to survive. the court will decide whether he will receive any money from the estate. the hearing is scheduled for jan. 29. source: mjfc / ap


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