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    • The best of the Hay festival 2010
      In Hay-on-Wye this year Ian McEwan got friendly with a pig, Christopher Hitchens reviewed his brother's book and Pervez Musharraf hinted at a bid for power. We round up the best of the Hay festival 2010At the Hay festival 2010 the sun shone and the rain fell as a veritable galaxy of stellar names from literature, art and politics descended on the village of Hay-on-Wye: from Ian McEwan to James Lovelock, and from Roy Hattersley to Fatima Bhutto.On our daily Haycast, we heard David Mitchell explain why formal experimentation is a young man's game, Nadine Gordimer claim her intimate life for herself and the people with whom it was lived, and Christopher Hitchens give his verdict on his brother Peter's latest book. While on stage, the environmental writer Fred Pearce said fears of overpopulation were nonsense, Helen Dunmore warned of the dangers of fictionalising history, the education secretary Michael Gove offered the historian Niall Ferguson a job, and Pervez Musharraf hinted at a possible bid for power.We asked festivalgoers to send us their pictures of the Hay festival, and about the books they were actually reading. We also went in search of the festival beyond the canvas, setting authors Francesca Simonand Grayson Perry the challenge of finding a secondhand gem for less than a tenner.But with the festival coming to a close, we returned to fundamentals, following the visitors to Hay-on-Wye in the quest which underlies the entire event – the search for used books, new books, half-forgotten books ... the search for that perfect book: the one you will be reading next.Guardian Hay festivalIan McEwanJames LovelockRoy HattersleyFatima BhuttoDavid MitchellNadine GordimerChristopher HitchensPeter HitchensHelen DunmoreMichael GoveFrancesca SimonGrayson PerryFestivalsguardian.c ヘイはワイに今年はイアンマキューアンは友好的豚となったでは、クリストファーヒッチェンズ氏は兄の本とムシャラフ大統領の見直し電力の入札を示唆した

    • Semi-finalist Schiavone flies flag for Italy
      Francesca Schiavone achieved a landmark victory for Italy when she upset third seed Caroline Wozniacki 6-2 6-3 to reach the semi-finals of the French ... フランチェスカスキアボーネは、イタリアの画期的な勝利を彼女は第3シードのキャロラインウォズニアッキ6-2 6-3フランスの準決勝に達するために動揺を達成...

    • Unfancied pair set up Paris final clash
      Francesca Schiavone became the first Italian woman to reach a Grand Slam final when Russia's Elena Dementieva retired at the end of the first set of... フランチェスカスキアボーネイタリア最初の女性のグランドスラムは、ロシアのエレーナデメンティエワの最初のセットの最後に引退した最終到達になった...

    • Sounds Jewish: July 2010
      Joining Jason Solomons in studio this month are broadcaster, journalist and author of The Extra Mile: The Twenty First Century Pilgrim, Peter Stanford, and Rabbi Miriam Berger, from Finchley Reform Synagogue in North London. Ahead of his official trip to Britain, we find out why Pope Benedict is wading into troubled waters – again – with Jews. And should we be worried about the pope re-opening the door of the Catholic church to a disgraced Holocaust denier (and then half-closing it again)? And while Christians are tying themselves up in knots over women bishops and priests, female rabbis are on the rise: half of progressive Judaism's rabbis are now women, and this month they celebrate a big birthday: Britain's first woman rabbi was ordained 35 years ago this month. We'll hear some choice examples of sexism in the synagogue.And grab your fiddle, tune your accordion and krekhts like crazy on your clarinet because KlezFest is hitting London for one week only in August. Cellist Francesca Terberg and accordionist Carol Isaacs join Jason in the studio to perform a live acoustic Klezmer set.Sounds Jewish is taking a break on August, and will be back again in September. Sounds Jewish is produced with the Jewish Community Centre for LondonPost your comments on the blog below or find us on Facebook and Twitter スタジオでは今月ジェイソンソロモンズを加わるのは、放送局、ジャーナリスト、余分なマイルの著者です:21世紀の巡礼者、ピータースタンフォード大学、およびラビミリアムベルガー、フィンチリー改革シナゴーグ北ロンドンから

    • Chiavone wins French Open
      Samantha Stosur, 7th seed, lost to Italian Francesca Schiavone, the first Italian woman to reach a Grand Slam final and the 17th seed, 5-7, 4-6 in Women French Open final today. サマンサストーサーは、7種、イタリアフランチェスカスキアボーネは、最初のイタリア人女性にグランドスラムと17種、5-7、4-6女子の全仏オープン最終日の最終到達を失った


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