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The advance coordination with American Europe disclosure 菅 prime minister with exchange intervention


  • ... +∩┃#`Д )┃┃TTE的s Keyaka s户撒.. Jm u003d u003d u003d u003d |我::我|┃...布鲁诺ヾ┃电路上的所有财富,而莱斯莱斯二战Ÿ┗┃⌒⌒ ┛━━━━━━━━━━━━━┻━━━━━━━━━━━━━┻━━━━━━━━━━━━━
    . . + ┃ ∩ # `д ' ' ' ) [husa] ゙ [keyaka] ゙ [tsute] ┃ ┃ . jm = = = = | i : : i | ┃ . [re] [re] In the midst of happy circuit operation ┃ DREPT No WW ⌒ ⌒ Y ┃ ┗ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ┻ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ┻ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ┛

    • 202因此,即使几十年后,人民币对日元,也就是说,你会发现我肚子站在自由浮动是没有得到我,无论相变 202 Therefore Even circular people origin Ten years later the meaning becoming angry that we as usual it does not become free fluctuation probably will be recognized
      • 202因此,日元对人民币甚至数十年后,我会说我知道的意思 202 Therefore Even circular people origin Ten years later the meaning becoming angry that we as usual it does not become free fluctuation probably will be recognized

    • 206“有一个好头”,“不聪明”的事情是一种高密度差分 206 “The head is good” that “it is wise” tsu lever Toda who is different
      • 这是明智的选择,如果他“叫Bikaketa It is the selection where very this is wise” that it called

    • 315号,有三个田中真纪子Barashita Idaro竞争也进入智卫田中凡在美国领导人疏散911
      315 Well, also Makiko Tanaka who takes apart ahead evacuating the American leader with 911 inserting, the [ro] which is the dispute of the three-sided crest

      • 471 要立即解决问题,但如果你问多少相适应的汇率水平的欧洲,我不解决当前美国货币当局瓦特(联邦储备委员会)也涉及到秸秆20多年的经验提供意见日本人失去赎回没有,但 黄色的猴子没有我们,我们好 同样的错误,日本囚犯,并尝 471 If gt the currency quantity is adjusted to the European American level although it is the problem which is solved instantly To solve saying w The current American monetary authorities FRB experience of 20 years when Japan is lost it advised even relation The yellow monkey failed but we all right and has committed the same failure as Japan of the 嘗 te
        • 美国。解释说,其货币疲软容忍扩大出口的恢复经济的国家机关偏爱自己“的局面将会相当与我们合作不是”还表明承认 The United States Authorities for business recovery of home country in export enlargement advantage When you have admitted the key currency cheaply it explains “there is no circumstance which cooperates very” that it showed also recognition

      • 554 一个奇怪的Waran多个债务人和资讯科技交流好像我们竭尽所能,做国外的短期债务和 554 In order gt to have been eager with exchange and debt of foresight the multiplex obligator and the angular original strange straw it is

        • 682“不正常”,因为你不希望引发通货膨胀如果本身,甚至以牺牲人民的生活,导致通货膨胀,例如,你应该考虑到维持目前的通货紧缩,他们认为,日本央行和财政部的老子哎 682 If the extent where as for the cause of “dysfunction” we would not like to do inflation induction itself in inflation induce To a national life sacrifice thinking that it should maintain current deflation the ru it is thought of the party of Bank of Japan and the financial affairs ministry
          • 682“不正常”,因为你不希望引发通货膨胀如果本身,甚至以牺牲人民的生活,导致通货膨胀,例如,你应该考虑维持目前的通货紧缩,财政部认为球员Nitigin老子哎 682 If the extent where as for the cause of “dysfunction” we would not like to do inflation induction itself in inflation induce To a national life sacrifice thinking that it should maintain current deflation the ru it is thought of the party of Bank of Japan and the financial affairs ministry

        • TTA的,但我的收入肯定是大大减少了通货紧缩,是生命是如此很难说何如? Kareru它的确切的和没有听说过 However certainly also my earnings decreased substantially with deflation Whether saying being the extent where life is troubled When with it is heard completely there is no such a thing

          • [两岸]操纵失误意外事故的原因,Kankoku集装箱船... 3★船长发出文件,[09 / 11 / 09]姓名1:★φ星级[上]发布:2009 / 11 / 09(星期一)21 :46:04编号:???在一次事故国旗的集装箱船星卡丽娜韩国海上自卫队驱逐舰鞍马上个月来的门司海岸警卫队在9天,在发射海峡,操纵翼集装箱意外错误作者对专业疏忽怀疑集装箱船危及交通(44)船长导致元送了坚实的政策报告
            Steering mistake of the Korean container ship cause… captain of accident to document committing * 3 [09/11/09] 1 Name: Starry sky Φ * [] Contribution day: 2009/11/09 (month) 21: 46: 04 ID: ? ? ? In the collision accident of the Maritime Self Defense Force escort ship saddle mark Korean register container ship [karina] star which last month occurred at the channel strait, as for the Moji marine preservation section to 9 days, steering mistake of the container ship's side as a cause of accident, with negligent traffic dangerous suspicion with respect to business the captain of the container ship (44) The document the policy of committing was set

            • ■ -源火灾的原因冲突集装箱船舶怀念-韩国驱逐舰,发送文件,船长
              * Source Cause of mistake of the Korean container ship, captain to document committing

              • 一个好故事,但我做的462万札偿还国家债务印刷万札
                462 Ten thousand bills printing Although if you should have owed pay back of the country with the ten thousand bills story it is don't you think?

                • 不是那么容易击败装载情况,因为基金中的398 398 You fight and so simplicity there is no even fund
                  • 398 这是一个很大的谜未来 398 gt This is big puzzle

                • 不知道在何时购买美元疲软意味着美国的美元,这使高sure ll出售 In other words the United States When dollar becomes cheap you bought U S dollars when becoming high you sold
                  • 一郎 u003d任天堂,美国正在做的钱 邓小平 As ichiro Nintendo Co the gold has kept escaping from the United States

                • 不,这是不是这种平衡只是一个谜瓦特四十万亿日元包括保留盈利我,我的油箱制造商,日元和日本40万亿外汇专用账户的估值亏损 At all don t you think puzzle w Because of outside paper loss 40 000 000 000 000 Yen of special meeting the Japanese production manufacturer accumulates and inside it is packed reservation 40 000 000 000 000 Yen has done balance exactly

                  • 为了弥补中国人口TTA的减少,并有助于韩国人叫什么?就像日本经济团体联合会 Calling the Chinese and the South Korean in order to supply the population which decreases The same shelf as Japan Federation of Economic Organizations
                    • 日本经团联是最民主的团体保持距离变化的政府 With administration alternation the Democratic party most puts in place distance the group which Japan Federation of Economic Organizations

                  • 他们在这个线程,并重新印刷刷多个债务人的逻辑说的是它的确切
                    The party that print print with this [sure], completely is logic of the multiplex obligator

                    • 但是,并非许多球员的感知差异,如果通缩资产的房子资产八濑,因为它是固定不高币值相对于实物商品相比,它的确切的乐趣Iku哈纳 However the party whom you misunderstand is many as for deflation fixed assets and the se therefore the reason whose value of the currency is high relatively in comparison with the spot goods commodity For the wealthy person it is not completely funny
                      • 提高日元资产的发行数额,他们现在有一个相对较小的买日元 If the amount of issue of circle is increased presently circle is bought It decreases the property of the party relatively

                    • 倒塌的情况后,立即雷曼兄弟在恐慌,Asou中川(酒精),比较它与汝元停止进食,如果只有口头干预日元是切腹组合的东西,是不能的 Under panic circumstance immediately after the Riemann shock Aso Nakagawa liquor combination When you compare with the fact that with just proboscis intervention stops increase in yen value hara kiri mono disabled the shelf

                      • 冉暧昧的道德以及解决方案的651,即使货物在吉日经济?即使人们加倍日本失业,如果你对我保持士气,这将是社会主义更好地了解,我已经跑日本以外的国家,它衰变,什么都没有 651 Because of such to be good solution viewing ambiguous moral economy may become the jiri item The unemployed person of the Japanese citizen redoubling if moral the tsu te which is maintained it is the wa where socialism is mashi Generally although the country other than Japan already executes it rots the combining which is what
                        • 我关注甚至救济,他们会像腐烂的社会主义country ll保释 Biting with anything it relieves relief socialist country rots likely

                      • 取之不尽,用之不竭的货币问题,请保持低利率
                        The money of limitless supply Issue leaves the interest low

                        • 另一方面,驱逐舰鞍马上午9点从她的母港佐世保港,是在事故发生后的港口停泊,墨子(佐世保市,长崎县)减少到
                          On the one hand, the escort ship saddle [ma] 9th morning, from the Moji port which anchored after the accident the Sasebo port of the home port (Nagasaki prefecture Sasebo city) It results

                          • 向中小企业贷款,但留下了对资金的需求并不强劲
                            Small and medium-sized business does not lend out although credit requirement is excellent,

                            • 在下沉的船的边缘,我拼命地留在海上抓无底瓢
                              With Hunagami before the sinking sun/size, it has been about probably to start scratching the seawater desperately with the ladle which does not have the bottom

                              • 在外汇市场收紧Geru●“金融服务管理局衰退”不具有高杠杆金融服务管理局的规定
                                - It tightens the exchange market, “financial agency depression” The high lever ledge is not possible with regulation of financial agency

                                • 在总督白川乡反对武藤敏郎的定量宽松的大支持者任命小泽数字是Minsyu
                                  Large it opposes to Buto's of quantitative relief propulsion group inauguration and as for settling Shirakawa to the president Ozawa democracy of that time

                                  • 在辩论中,部长理事会向月度经济报告赎回行开始数着经济部长正行忠石马,“转措施他们融入到消费者书经济的有效性和额外寻求日元立即水平”,并关注表达
                                    It precedes debate and when at the related Cabinet minister meeting of the monthly economic report which was done, direct 嶋 Masanari economic industrial phase continues “this increase in yen value level The effect of additional economic measure is cancelled”, that stating anxiety

                                    • 如果连10%的总经销转载现在飞行可爱偶像外汇基金的权利
                                      If it reprints also 1 tenths of current circulation gross, the [ro] which exchange fund it flies and is

                                      • 家伙我想惊喜干预,以有效租小例子来打招呼的情况,并不会合作仲仲?基泰说,他的讯号游说 There is no circumstance which cooperates very With saying Just a little just intervening if you receive there is an effect but it is sapuraizu tsu te person We would like to believe that it is reverse side construction for that but…
                                        • 那么,无石协调干预,单身。干预,但它们也帮助欧洲当局have m薄不好!你的意思,我猜?有人 芡实 Huh with There is no coordinated intervention and single Intervening as for the effect however it is thin as for those where it is bad they are the European American authorities The combining which is with the tsu lever Someone gorugo …

                                      • 对不起我把重点放在这是一个谎言,信息流,有利于根
                                        The lie information that being let flow, the 菅 is profitable, you are hasty, it is probably will be

                                        • 小公共广场,我们只好由大至波他们,由基金所作的发言 Our bourgeois should have ridden in the wave which was made by fund and the large amount and intervention just

                                          • 布鲁诺的ヽ⌒,⌒γ No ⌒ REPT Γ ⌒ REPT ⌒ ⌒ 92 i i ゙ human ┬ 92
                                            • 布鲁诺的ヽ⌒,⌒γ No ⌒ REPT Γ ⌒ REPT ⌒ ⌒ 92 i i ゙ human ┬ 92

                                          • 强制或消息灵通和专业,外汇狙鱿鱼的财富
                                            Considerable information and a catching lot of money of professional or FX you aim?

                                            • 我很愚蠢,或四八一瓦特写在子敏可怕的是观念的差异所感动,写有467个坏?很快就成为blooper 481 Fool w 467 When is terrible you wrote it is being when our people are terrible that you wrote you misunderstood You fumble quickly the tsu

                                              • 我知道这些人是你会认为我呼吁使用这种 It is understood As for and others it is dense such Working thinking that it is the appeal which it increases the ru tsu lever
                                                • 你的意思是美国发行434,我要做到这一点 434 If it is the separation United States about that we should do don t you think
                                                • 哦?本人· · · · ·工作一次 It is rough Once it works…

                                              • 接受上述当日外汇市场干预的外国侃,那我坚强位置位,日本媒体的方式介入当局“洋报道在纽约外汇市场在国外销售的这一天是84日元三十日元一点这场运动被视为未来振荡从一个弱钱日元方向 菅 The exchange intervention speech of the prime minister of this day is received the overseas media the attitude which the Japanese authorities direct to intervention is strengthened” that when it reports In the New York foreign exchange market of the same day circle was sold also the movement which to 84 Yen 30 sen level wobbles temporarily to weak yen direction was seen
                                                • ■日本央行副行长西村清彦,当2007年七月在华盛顿演讲是审议委员会“也受到影响的家庭投资者具有强烈的存在对日本的诞生外汇市场的外国“说 As for Vice President Kiyohiko Nishimura of the Japanese bank the occasion where July of 07 which is the deliberation member you lecture with Washington “Being born as the investor where the Japanese housekeeping expenses have the existence impression has had an influence on also the foreign exchange market” that it points out

                                              • 新自由主义或市场原教旨主义是一个疯狂的,但红看齐瓦特
                                                But new principle of freedom, as for market mechanism principle, [kichigai] like [aka] w

                                                • 日本是,我不介意当我日元看,破产不会让日本经济陷入危机,但不是唯一的方法来衡量国内经济 It is unconcerned even with the Japanese splash and increase in yen value depending while the face to do In order for the Japanese economy not to fall to the crisis of failure there is no method domestic countercyclical measures of should do is
                                                  • 那么,参加了日本经济阵列茶或许,这就是另一回事 Well in the Japanese economy the tsu chi ya are causing brick that and this story difference

                                                • 晃地きた光84 30S100卡!谢谢。总理! 84 30S100 glittered Thank you Prime minister
                                                  • 晃地きた光84 30S100卡!谢谢。总理! 84 30S100 glittered Thank you Prime minister

                                                • 更多 减少我确保他是自杀自杀这种方式对人 It commits suicide already … The person where the one commits suicide with the populace decreases securely
                                                  • 这些家伙们还建议人们觉得经济不能得到热霾 And others also it is dense to produce the heat waves business where the populace does not obtain reality

                                                • 有消防安全大使的存在“权力加强监督”
                                                  There is existence “of supervision strengthening authority enlargement” of financial agency there

                                                  • 每日黄金“政治”或“只拣”业务,将犯了什么噪声质量Gishi TTA的说是一个问题,这不是 Always the mass communications which have been agitated with the trivial thing “politics and the gold” such as “business categorization” There are no times when this is designated as problem

                                                    • 比较体面的一个例子↓第三部门 The ↓ relative one example of the honest 3rd sector
                                                      • 一个例子是一个相对体面↓非政府组织 The ↓ relative one example of honest NGO
                                                      • 一个例子是一个相对体面的政府↓ The ↓ relative one example of the honest self governing community

                                                    • 沸腾是一种非典型的代理人是在装小泽,日本的自民党支持者赞成瓦,但未闻到像我这样的瓦特想法剂对日本是这样的倾斜
                                                      The resident operative of the Ozawa support which does [huri] of the Liberal Democratic Party support boiling, the [ru] w As we w which the same smell does Doing the conception with respect to such tilt the is resident operative

                                                      • 消防安全大使计划做的都不见了●“过度反应”强化金融服务管理局监管的金融厅认为两排减单位是一个水果指出,有必要
                                                        - Ruse of the financial agency which has become without doing Also the “excessive reaction” supervision strengthening of the financial agency which can be thought is necessary thing to tell the truth for financial agency

                                                        • 特别是在2003年,日元汇率仍远为119日圆,118,无论干预货币,日元也决定用鲜花 As for especially 03 years exchange mediating helping Rate of exchange being 119 Yen from directly 118 Yen regardless of entrance we to be transitive never with increase in yen value You applied

                                                          • 现在就投注了日元升值克如渡边夫人,外汇会从监管
                                                            Because FX it regulated the fact that it reaches the point where Mrs. [watanabe] bets to increase in yen value advance, probably will be

                                                            • 现在,这些家伙,自由主义是危险的漂白,如就业,世界没有用的,正确的球员,无论如何?我也喜欢他们能为国家动物饲料的好处是在日本没有未来 Now presently the kind of party who is bleached in crisis of employment The ro which is the kind of party where with society of in the first place principle of freedom is not useful There is no advantage very of raising such a party in future Japanese nation
                                                              • 请有一个安全的产品,如果这个家伙是整理了777和U在日本就业的同时剥夺 777 To the product if the person who is finished it becomes cheap but Employment of the Japanese is taken simultaneously

                                                            • 由于监管金融服务局,渡边Watta夫人从日元贬值日元变化运动
                                                              With the consequence where financial agency regulates, the movement of Mrs. [watanabe] changed to weak yen empty increase in yen value

                                                              • 税务审计火,不能是有史以来规模最大的国家公共387
                                                                387 Public is unreasonable In the midst of national tax tax investigation motion of maximum scale in history

                                                                • 编号:AGkLYOEzP Tteru说,在一个贴同样的事情直接向本公司建立了单独的
                                                                  ID: As for AGkLYOEzP when company one is rebuilt, having influence with the same paste, the [ru

                                                                  • 谣言开始采取退出并没有减轻金融服务管理局及库务局理论思考
                                                                    Coming home theory to financial agency unnecessary theory and the financial affairs ministry had started being rumored

                                                                    • 这将是讲一口流利的根,你得说,奥巴马获得了美元走软
                                                                      The 菅 fluently from the plain gauze [be] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u], [obama] weak dollar you admit speak and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] are…

                                                                      • 这将是讲一口流利的简,26,说你也得接受糖果奥巴马欧盟美元走软,因为这需要她来衡量国内舆论的强烈反应,在一起。传言说,执行的外汇干预应该是隐蔽的,但不可能
                                                                        26 The 菅 fluently from the plain gauze [be] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u], [obama] weak dollar you admit speak and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] are… Therefore [ame] and EU measure to rally of domestic public opinion necessity, Cooperation. If exchange intervention is not execution of the spy 裡, although it is unrealizable

                                                                        • 这是愚蠢的,我田中真纪子宙斯盾机密呢?
                                                                          Leaks the secret of the Aegis warship Makiko Tanaka who either one [aho] kana?

                                                                          • 这简直就是有一个巨大的黄金储备
                                                                            The literal enormous buried deposit gold existed

                                                                            • 那么,分行的一些会出来,但拍我和差异立即下降,这种感伤是治国,我认为有需要 The sled ya it strikes by mistake in and also the branch which is dropped comes out however probably will be As for that kind of sentimentalism that there is no necessity as for me you think in national management
                                                                              • 所以,至少我相信,立即付款等拍摄 反对的不是同情,对任何 分行Wareru At least because I think that way altogether there is no sympathy vis a vis the branch which it strikes and is paid

                                                                            • 鄂增加,如果更多的人3 3的回报增加,加快了日元贬值,如果日元Dabutsui,谁卖出日元,日元的人返回,进一步建立大量的势头 If and the person who is returned increases extent and the circle which increase being overabundant if weak yen accelerates the person who sells circle and the person who returns circle keep accelerating furthermore steadily
                                                                              • 如果日元加速贬值,日元的卖方,谁是返回日元,更迅速增加鄂 If weak yen accelerates the person who sells circle and the person who returns circle increase furthermore steadily

                                                                            • 韩国726所学校是免费的,但充满了秘密闭门瓦特
                                                                              726 But as for the Korean school gratuitous conversion secret to be lazy with the closed room, w

                                                                              • 麻生太郎确实碰到一些刺激立即建立生态税
                                                                                Building echo tax reduction some stimulative step is Aso

                                                                                • 黑色意味着将减少人员编制和工资是分包依次降低削减借用了唯一能做的,进一步通缩等做整体进展 That it recovers to be plugged and decrease debt and decrease the staff and allowance Therefore cutting subcontract when the whole does this furthermore deflation advances

                                                                                  • (不足部分)在1日4 05分,2009年12月13日Asahishinbun Part abbreviation Asahi newspaper 2009 December 13th 01 time 05 4
                                                                                    • (短部分)4 05分2009年12月13日Asahishinbun Part abbreviation Asahi newspaper 2009 December 13th 5 4

                                                                                  • (相反地,它便没有理由来,但我逝向井基诺是一种常见的表) Conversely as for the public reason although it is not the 逝 tsu te comes it is good to become
                                                                                    • (相反地,它便没有理由来,但我逝向井基诺是一种常见的表) Conversely as for the public reason although it is not the 逝 tsu te comes it is good to become

                                                                                  研究 開発