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Are you Kramer?


  • 410很有趣呢?最后我会鼓励改善底部,右侧教练最终是经理的工作 410 Don t you think that it is strange Improvement is urged to the underling riding after all it does with work of the superior who is the education person in charge the yo
    • 乌诺是地方的最佳人选说,如果你想推广的改进 We would like to urge improvement if is saying to the person in question at that place number one

  • 465因此,他们把它写Arujan? 465 Therefore so it is written it is
    • 没有一个是有趣的人 1 Calling you obtain it is strange uncle

  • 591)掌握的房子(我丈夫本来是一个佛教名词,“保险丝”梵文的意思是“达纳 是一个翻译的 591 檀 那 Is it is originally with Buddhism terminology the 梵 language which means “offering” “ dana ” It is meaning language
    • 591)掌握的房子(我丈夫本来是一个佛教名词,“保险丝”梵文的意思是“达纳 是一个翻译的 591 檀 那 Is it is originally with Buddhism terminology the 梵 language which means “offering” “ dana ” It is meaning language

  • 6521啊!这是田中 6521 a It is that Tanaka
    • 财富521制造哀悼黑B 521 Mourning black luck structure Quaintness

  • 853啊?我喜欢我少缴收入万维网条权利人低。让我们在任何方式蜡工作
    853 [a]? Therefore such it is, low it is wages what, www It is low income earner human rights 剥. The [ze] which probably will be made even with law

    • Naritee百万富翁烧咖啡,太
      We you got burnt with the coffee, 100,010,000 millionaire ago, the [te] obtaining

      • Teroriroriroriro Poppappoppappan Teroriroriroriro Popapapa Popapapa Popapapa Popapapa
        [popapapa] [popapapa] [popapapa] [popapapa] [teroriroriroriro] [teroriroriroriro] [potsupatsupotsupatsupan

        • Ttara总部直接抱怨说“怎么说直接去商店!”走出反向
          Directly when it is complaint to the headquarters, “call to the store directly! ” With it was cut off conversely

          • TTA的做自己买两分钟从什么发生在同一价格 Because by his two bought those of the same price accidentally you understood
            • 如果问题是,许多客户如不考虑字节 Thing of the customer the byte which is not thought being many is problem

          • Warota第一次我看到它第一次出现178第一次世界大战市场?
            178 However this you saw for the first time, [warota] ww The first coming out probably is where?

            • [40]虽然医师Kyariaburein勉勉“不公正的要求”↓医学会要求警方的经验的,爆发医疗,“组成的照护”警察的干预并◆卷0.1制定医院感染和死亡率,因果关系的证明是难以帝京大学附属医院9月3日举行的新闻发布会拉开了医院获得性感染,由于多药耐药鲍曼不动
              4 tenths of duty medicine “unjust claim” experience The claim for the police of medical association ↓ With “with out break police intervention” as for medical care formation * Vol .1 Proof of causal relation with the death and Innai infection is difficult The Teikyo university medical department attachment hospital September 3rd, to open press conference, multi medicine tolerances It depends on [ashinetobakuta] Innai infection was published

              • 一家私营公司,如果提供了一个有缺陷的产品,如果商店B,但如果政府要我们店,甚至提供有缺陷的城市,我住在城市,除非使用A到A城只有当我们需要继续存在 If it is private enterprise if a store offers the inferior goods however go to the B store time to be In case of administration A city offering the inferior goods living in A city if limited to the ru it does not continue to use A city viewing
                • 太多不好的类型相比,谈话等,但私人部门 Simply In comparison with private enterprise Story the do unskillful type is too multi

              • 不要说一个坏的线索,因为它得到缓解克雷默一个单独的问题由该署成为我 The saying which is terrible as for temporary as another Therefore Kramer it finishes the problem which is ruled relieved with the ke
                • 我希望它融化,所以我们让到便利店812 812 It leaves to the circumstances of such a store and should have solved it is

              • 为什么没有更多的其他好老香椎耻辱在于停止 ,我感觉Itatamarenai Why the already good year doing because it is shy it was the feeling which as for lie above this stopping … and was and cannot accumulate
                • 现在,我心里有些不开心,甚至不能租!我是老的耻辱香椎 Recently unless you can receive even dissatisfaction you say it is the ze which is The good year doing it is shy

              • 人们喜欢蓝色,而不是痛苦地向纳税人支付
                In the human like blue, blood tax payment greatly it is not

                • 但96终止,工作在一个家庭餐馆米林达穿了很多,顽皮的孩子,我在那里 96 Working with huamiresu in ru mirinda gaki the varieties solved even with terminator 1 it shifts
                  • 然而,有不少问题,但说的话我有一个好家庭餐馆,如果噪音 But if huamiresu it is possible to make a noise but you saw word considerably problem speech

                • 但是,它并没有同时公布家庭拥有的股票 But the same family management putting out stocks it is not released

                  • 但问题是在快递运送到亚
                    But was in the home delivery house which delivers that

                    • 你是朱家桥929号( ·ω·`)
                      929 Don't you think? ID is AKB, (the ' Ω `)

                      • 例如,你回答的如此完美投诉箱整齐店 Concerning the contribution box about the store which is done securely answering properly the ru

                        • 先生Morisawa Yuuzi临床副教授传染病学系微生物学和免疫学司,忌吃医疗,是医生的安全负责的律师的律师在福岛县大野案被告医院。贤治先生,以及大学在此基础上案Teikyou,条款和感染控制我的话,你在刑事司法
                          Jichi Medical School medical department infection immunology lecture clinical infection symptom department gate associate professor Forest 澤 Takesi and Fukushima You take charge of the counsel of Doctor defendant in the prefectural Ono hospital incident, It is the attorney cheaply. 謙 In two people, the latest Teikyo Case on the basis of and the like of university, Innai You talked from viewpoint of infection measure and criminal administration of justice

                          • 克莱默决心来上这一威胁好的不能在命运把
                            Connection we like also attaching to intimidate but never it is not Kramer

                            • 克雷默还带你到制造商打破,几十倍 Being broken if manufacturer communication taking Kramer there are several degrees

                              • 其他官员扫清了総务局首席不管原来来到了旨在解决情况
                                Originally position person of inside such as adjutant general who is not relationship with entire being present, came to assuring in control of situation

                                • 冉白色家电,但知识产品)工科毕业生国家(回家我得让你知道
                                  But national carpenter department soldier/finishing intellectual viewing If the white mono (home appliance product) knowing, the [ru

                                  • 初始故障每次打,或者你不害怕处理克拉伊默
                                    At each time it hits to the initial failer, Kramer it is not handled, or will be panicky

                                    • 即使是一些更好的,而不是许多事件中的主要非传递邮件服务,我是一定要注意使用唯一的解决办法是冻结大便习惯X2的·数字大和收到快递遗失行李拉,也是索诺交付佐川塔基杉我会后离开办公室也可以为其他任何地方使用,而不必因为他们的支持是不存在的问题最严重的日本的Express However much correspondence being good while we uses as for accident being many preponderantly the Yamato shelf Freezing flight dissolving it reaches Mail flight non arrival x2 House emergency flight loss In the reason that leaving in the place of business the baggage it is too large to the habit which is undertaken you do not communicate everywhere Using also the postal Sakawa other things the ru delivery ones the very it has not been problem As for correspondence being worst Nittsu
                                      • 降温降温状态来通过快递送回来修理修理TTA的冷静,但我在佐川旦从个人电脑制造商已 The personal computer which is sent with repair completing repair being Sakawa it returned from the manufacturer but it is It came being chilly state with cool house emergency flight

                                    • 另见这个主题,我是个坏人的克莱默殆看这个线程与魔法分钟 This sure seeing the te you understand that this sure you see but It is Kramer whose most people are vicious don t you think
                                      • 怀有恶意的人喜欢我殆克莱默是看这个线程与魔法分钟 You understand that so this sure you see but It is Kramer whose most people are vicious don t you think

                                    • 可怜的日本客户服务,NTT是可能是最
                                      The fact that customer correspondence is worst in Japan probably is NTT

                                      • 同行的黑人,因为他们原本修理许多,所有服务呼叫从第一制造商
                                        Because as for any black things the business trip repair corresponding item is many originally, from first call the manufacturer service

                                        • 哎哟哎哟是Yoisho Yoisho
                                          [yoishiyo] [yoishiyo] [itetsu] [itetsu] [are

                                          • 噢,别担心,全部由自己做文员叫 Because oh by his has done in worry the salesman not being able to call…
                                            • 克雷默克雷默是一部好电影 Kramer Kramer was the good movie

                                          • 因此,生气是单词的第一个例子的,但我如约的身份和户籍让我谈谈律师事务所的教师如果你的要求后,所有程序监护人Kisuru阴茎没有屈服,即使他们所有的移动金,但我没有成为一个真正的支持,埃塔的联系点有备用 After all although procedure of the lawful age guardian it does the teacher of the legal office which asks inserting communication it became the family register attested copy and however the tsu te story which it is possible with status proof When is from first say depending as for anger however it was not settled you changed also your own carrying into au after all it does not become truly support the window there
                                            • 你可以有一个历史的副本,身份证明文件和索赔,但我所买的信用卡公司,或从所花费的时间肯定膝盖上,以适应银行存折, Although past record of those which are purchased at the credit card company is claimed It copies prepares and or of status proof the document scratches the bankbook of the bank that Superposing you verify because time it caught well enough

                                          • 如果我使用,如果人事部门的官员(一般事务司)我做我的报告
                                            If, the public official uses to the Personnel Division (Administration Division) should have reported

                                            • 当我工作时的女人是在一个滑雪胜地,Rentarugoguru上午(500日元)的女人恰好有一个行TTA的晚上,男友“我不得不用钱返回Kore的一次”“什么?”“我没有真正使用甚至有一次,“没有结果,甚至打电话给我经理钱Bazu以下,而他们感到震惊和食品 The byte it has done at the ski site the time the morning rental goggle 500 Yen the woman kept having Because kareshi of evening and the woman “did not use either kore one time the money returning ” “ ” “You did not use either one time truly it is” With you hang on and the 呆 re it ends and either the store manager does not call the gold giving
                                              • 是啊,我真的呆,但我不撒谎要么什么都波察 Don t you think another the wa which the 呆 re it increases as expected From something to something poka both oak whether lie of it is to serve those which are

                                            • 当时老师也不像在医院里的小小时 When overtime is at the small hospital there is also a possibility the teacher without being and

                                              • 您的客户永远是对的,检查什么是神,神也是新的优先居马苏佛心,甚至像居马苏卑鄙瘟疫一样贫穷与神我们的新贵族
                                                The customer seems the God way Way the heart which seems the God way certainly, the French way the kind God way it stays, but the humble poor God way and the vulgar pest way it stays

                                                • 我不知道梅鲁比金钱更要求赔偿支付TTA的,为什么呢?我应该有一个最后Warina更换或退款
                                                  Compensation above the gold which is paid with something is requested, it is the [ro] which is? Although end it is expectation with exchange or price return

                                                  • 我们回到存1万日元,但伴随着居民迁出!语言和赎回
                                                    Although the moving person retreats, accompany and return the guaranty money 10,000 Yen! With it was said

                                                    • 我发现吃的好,因此Jarijari柜台“的手表,因为它只会与外壳打开,”他们说Ttara路线,或者如果他们吃了新的占用升降机给 After eating well enough however you discovered because jiyarijiyari it does in the counter Because “the shell has entered paying attention ” When with it goes to saying those which are eaten picking up gave new ones

                                                      • 我只是要不断通过从制造商的包甚至更多的零售商 Even the mass sales store just has transferred while it is packed up from the manufacturer to put out

                                                        • 我向儿童咨询中心,把已经看到两起案件
                                                          Already two cases finding, it has informed to the child advisory board

                                                          • 我在大阪方言克雷默ISH的威胁的那一天我爆发了哦娜瓦特
                                                            The [a] - today just with the Osaka valve [kurema] of intimidation faked the [wa] w which is Although when it should have exploded, -

                                                            • 我希望你也Kichigaikurema合法要求,“我们的顾客永远是对的”这个服务行业是狗屎匍匐与此 If the ma tsu you question claim it is good but Even in kichigaikurema “the customer seems the God way” that to as for the service industry which kneels on the ground to densely densely kuso
                                                              • 用于食品制造业负责的,是的工具之一Ginai在匍匐 For the patsy of the food manufacturing industry kneeling on the ground is no more than one of the tools

                                                            • 我马上被终止后,进入该地区,同时从纤维ーTTA的电力系统
                                                              Doing for a while, because electrical type [huaiha] ゙ - the area it entered, however it cancelled in the swift attack

                                                              • 教育部自1980年以来,医疗机构不认识我,民主党也建立了密切的情况下肯定的方式来只收到一本公告葛医疗医生短缺对策作为一个Outlook开头审议

                                                                • 无论你是否Aomai Itoi位置399是一个非常不错,但我瓦特克拉伊默TTA的気取一个理论家基本上是一个店员,但客户无论多么离谱,我们不能说云 399 Well will not but how the position it is and however Kramer whom it solves is affected theoretical group well enough it is w Basically how unreasonable thing being said you cannot refute to the customer the salesman
                                                                  • 然而,遇到的一些问题,克雷默方式没有发生不作为,但问题是不合理的要求,以人对未来的责任 But although problem has not happened in Kramer Assuming that problem happened unreasonable claim the person who acquires difficult habit is

                                                                • 日本NTT很久以前,但来到了动员令包不缴费
                                                                  But long time ago fee without paying to NTT, the red paper came

                                                                  • 日航和税收的使用,即使他会大声尖叫我与员工不舒服
                                                                    Tax using, in [ru] habit in the staff of JAL shouting with yell, it was the [te] unpleasant

                                                                    • 是一个国家的Kera,否则不接受这个国家的怒鸣他们销售服务质量差右手边 If this country you do not yell as for making the country which cannot receive service the seller side whose quality is bad

                                                                      • 智落空时间是可能的,也有良好的平稳胃或愚蠢作为常设Tasa一旦你不再有额外的假设是可取的头晕和前认真被迫索赔 As for fault as much as possible through it stops the claim which is not obtained as saratsu Unless conscience correspondence will not desire if you suppose beforehand will not meet even foolishly lets stand the stomach excessively
                                                                        • 我,我喜欢购物更自觉的反应是可取的低水平 Such not to mention conscience correspondence desires to the level store low the way

                                                                      • 毕竟,我落户道歉支付的2 00亿部副总裁 After all the vice president apologizing 2 000 000 Yen paying it is the reconciliatory red sandal wood don t you think

                                                                        • 池茶所以你现在,你教育做您的家庭住址埃泰例如支持无差异“,但有类似的瓦特,”迄今为止,我回家如果(# °)秒苏梅鲁阿!“,我很害怕,这里是可爱的对面说,我很抱歉,我赎回或决定采取直接路线取悦均匀,所以没有想到Wareru和秘书之间的差额埃塔 Because now we have the black tea directly If it does not become inconvenient you cannot teach the address of the home probably will be ” even w Until now there being a similar thing have “to the house the ゚ ko ゙ rua ” With it was said it is probably will be when is … Because also the salesman who thinks that this made a mistake regret intimately conversely was lovely we had decided to go to the direct taking
                                                                          • 池茶所以你现在,你教育做您的家庭住址埃泰例如支持无差异“,但有类似的瓦特,”迄今为止,我回家如果(# °)秒苏梅鲁阿!“,我很害怕,这里是可爱的对面说,我很抱歉,我赎回或决定采取直接路线取悦均匀,所以没有想到Wareru和秘书之间的差额埃塔 Because now we have the black tea directly If it does not become inconvenient you cannot teach the address of the home probably will be ” even w Until now there being a similar thing have “to the house the ゚ ko ゙ rua ” With it was said it is probably will be when is … Because also the salesman who thinks that this made a mistake regret intimately conversely was lovely we had decided to go to the direct taking

                                                                        • 然而,日本医学会和现有的医疗学校,“基因必须抬离现场的教师和医生在,在,倒塌社区卫生”讨论未来的方向接受数字是反对这种新不确定
                                                                          Simply, the existing university medical department and the Japanese medical association “the clinician on of site the teacher Doing, you must pull up, that regional medical care collapses” and so on, we are opposite, The whereabouts of the argument which is directed to new establishment admission are opaque

                                                                          • 病例公司声称负责同一个问题,案件处理的石头隐藏举办的对手问题实际上是一个克拉默公司(四大公害病,但端午帕洛马,没有发射方式在三菱汽车公司问题 The case which is problem in claim charge of enterprise side Actually enterprise side Kramer doing to handle the partner organizationally it conceals problem the case Four large diseases caused by pollution is the Palomar is the problem which happens by the Mitsubishi automobile

                                                                            • 约三天后出现故障TTA的在网上购买,发射器有一个替代产品,例如 The transmitter which is bought with the net breaking down in about three days it had changing the commodity
                                                                              • 我下了订单的项目从第一个例子,但更换 However also the commodity which it has changing from first breaks down

                                                                            • 赔偿之前我什至自然灾害,如闪电的或相当于198,
                                                                              198 As for natural disaster such as thunderbolt even outside of compensation as for is natural

                                                                              • 这既不是善意的精神索赔良好的客户。客人的要求彻底忽视“沉默”只是 Spiritual sincerity it exhausts to the claim of the upper customer to that The neglect which it is thorough “it ignores” in claim of the customer just
                                                                                • 让我用真诚Ttara看说,让我看看,店员也生殖器 When you say that show the sincerity the salesman who shows the sexual organs was

                                                                              • 这样的客户是位接受教育我的意思?系统会感觉 Such customer received what education it is It becomes the tsu te feeling
                                                                                • 161个客人都只是愚蠢的,体面的权利秘书 161 The salesman just is the fool as for the customer the ro which is honest

                                                                              • 逮捕他变成傻子也和敲诈
                                                                                Doing too much, becoming blackmail, the person who is arrested is foolish

                                                                                • 除了烹饪产品,在此之前,我们有一些东西出来,新鲜食品 The cooking item hits anyhow fresh food something there being the end natural

                                                                                  • 预订五倍六个月。好久不见,你是谁去后你是过去三年中缺少的邮件超过10年? “总之,有关人员会吞掉Zame蓝,一方的态度
                                                                                    In half year as many as 5 times book. Very the post office where it loses, past in 3 loss 10 case of the mails it has promoted from here it is some way, intention? ” In this one word, the position person to turn pale at a stroke, attitude the foremost side

                                                                                    研究 開発